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If you are like most of our awesome customers, you just don’t order one pack of our Candied Bacon Jerky. You order in packs for you, your family & friends to enjoy. Here’s your opportunity to stack up and save. Buy in bulk & save as much as 45% OFF per pack! All bulk orders ship for FREE.

Reviews (22)

22 reviews for Candied Bacon Jerky – Buy Bulk & Save

  1. Anonymous

    Very happy to received it again and we both enjoy it and are giving it as gifts.

  2. George L.

    THE finest candied bacon jerky in the land…..hands down.

  3. Karen Palchanes

    OMG I have a serious addiction to the candied bacon jerky, I can’t allow myself to run out, I order 10 more bags when I’m getting low…

  4. Jill


  5. Karen Palchanes

    Fantastic candied bacon jerky!!!

  6. netfreq

    Bacon was amazing, trying to place reorder now for Friends & Family!

  7. Jill

    So yummy! Addictive though.

  8. wburmeister515

    I received my first order of 1 bag a few days ago…I just ordered another 8…need I say more!?

  9. Angie

    Omg, just tried the candied bacon jerky! I am already addicted! Can’t wait to get my ne t order!! YUM!

  10. Laura

    Truly is the best bacon jerky I have ever had as promised. But be careful, it is also incredibly amazingly addictive. I have tried several brands of bacon jerky but none can hold a candle to Bacon Mamma Jamma. Thanks for the great product that I will never tire of enjoying.

  11. Verified Customer

    Wicked good lol. If you like bacon and have a taste for that sweet salty mix this is the stuff you want in the cabinet when. I buy them 10 packs at a time because my kids and wife will eat them on me.

  12. Verified Customer

    I liked that it was the perfect combination of sweet and salty. There was a good ratio of meat and fat. So delicious I ordered more!

  13. Verified Customer

    You are missing if you haven’t had this Bacon Jerky. The quality is outstanding you’ll be happy with every bite.

  14. Verified Customer

    This is one of the best tasting bacon jerseys I’ve tasted! Not much comes in the bag, but it’s worth it!

  15. Verified Customer

    Delicious bacon jerky! If you like maple syrup, sugar, and bacon (who doesn’t, right?), then this is the product for you. I was tempted to knock off a star because it takes literally three weeks to receive the item, but it tastes so good that it kind of makes up for it. Therefore, this product retains my five star rating.

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