Candied Bacon Jerky

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WARNING : Our Candied Bacon Jerky is VERY Addictive!

If you are a Bacon Lover, you’ve got to try our Brown Sugar Candied Bacon Jerky. What is Candied Bacon, you ask? Candied bacon is the perfect marriage of salty and sweet. It taste wonderful with eggs and makes a great buffet brunch side dish.

★ Our packs of Bacon Jerky are 2oz per bag and made with 100% THICK CUT Hickory Bacon.

Good source of protein. 16g of protein per serving, it’s a protein-packed snack you can feel good about eating and feeding your family.

Over 700 FIVE STAR Reviews…Get yours today and find out what the excitement is about.

★ Our candied bacon jerky are sold in individual packs. Not in jars as pictured.

★ This is the best jerky you’ll ever eat.

So what are you waiting for? Get you a bag today. And while you’re at it, get a few more bags for family ‘n friends 😊

Ingredients: Thick Sliced Hickory Bacon, Brown Sugar, Grade A Maple Syrup and our very special Seasonin.

Reviews (778)

778 reviews for Candied Bacon Jerky

  1. Verified Customer

    Wow this is the best, I’ll repeat that this is the best bacon jerky my husband and I have ever had!! We just wish the bags were bigger!!! I am already ordering more, but can’t get it delivered until after Xmas.

  2. Verified Customer

    This was absolutely delicious! It was salty and sweet, and if you like bacon, you will love this. It comes promptly and well packaged and goes very quickly once opened.

  3. Verified Customer

    This is delicious. I gave it to the male teachers for holiday gifts and they asked me how to get more. “It is like crack” was one of their comments.

  4. Verified Customer

    Fantastic! BeSt Jerky i have ever had! The fact that has Candied Brown Sugar only adds to it awesomeness! Would (and already have) buy this jerky again. Cons? Its expensive. It is best to go buy in bulk if you want to save some ca$h in the long run.

  5. Verified Customer

    The candied bacon was awesome. If you get this as a gift make sure you get one for yourself.

  6. Verified Customer

    Best “Bacon Candy” I have ever had. Bought for stocking stuffers!

  7. Verified Customer

    My only question is: “Why do they pack it in a resealable bag?” After one taste, you’ll finish the bag!

  8. david_edmunds2000

    Best of the Best !!!!! To Die 4 !!!!!

  9. Verified Customer

    My only complaint is that the package isn’t big enough.

  10. Verified Customer

    if you like bacon and you like jerky how can you go wrong. so flavorful i would eat an entire bag per sitting. I cant get enough of these things. thank you so much for making this product and allowing people like me to buy them from you.

  11. Verified Customer

    This product is SO DELICIOUS, it is almost ADDICTIVE, Especially if you are a Bacon lover like so many of us are…..especially me!! : ) HAPPY EATING!!!

  12. Verified Customer

    To die for! Try it and you will never use beef jerky again.

  13. Verified Customer

    Yummy, yummy, yummy! I think I may need to be licensed for this:)

  14. Verified Customer

    Okay, I am a baconoholic. I opened the resealable bag and tried one. After the first crunchy salty, sweet goodness hit my mouth, I did 2 things. I ordered another bag … and wondered why they bothered with a resealable bag. This stuff is awesomeness!

  15. Verified Customer

    I thoroughly enjoyed this jerky. High quality and you could tell that it was made fresh. I think if I were to give it one suggestion… For my personal taste, I would give it a little more of a peppery kick to it. That to me would have made it perfect. But I would surely order this again… As a matter of fact… I may just do that now!

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